Sunday, June 26, 2011

I walk the line

Today was great. I spent the entire afternoon with my best friend of four years. It's been four years of amazing times and even better fashion advice. I was so lucky to have met such a wonderful and drive person. Anyways we pig'd out at Five guys burgers and fries, laughed, bickered about other people of course and took great photos. Enjoy:)

Below is my fabulous best friend Eura. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Remix your wardrobe....

This shoot was fun to do. I found a lovely piece at a thrift shop. I love the pattern but I could not decide on whether it was a skirt or strapless top. So I decided to use it for a remix your wardrobe post. It's very versatile and I actually had a great time switching things up a bit. We did thirty frames. I am posting three on here for now. I will post the outtakes on a later date. I may use different shots on Chictopia and I am still undecided but you may check it out just in case. Thanks again dolls.