Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My favorite products

Hey Dolls! Anyone who know me knows that I love my products. I am constantly looking for the next best thing and I rarely stick to anything. However, I do have a few favorites. Some are pricey and some are very affordable. I love L'Oreal and John Freida hair products. I can't live without dry shampoo. It's perfect for a quick style when you are rolling out of bed. These products leave my hair very soft and beautiful. I can not live without my Nexus hair brush. It's great for waves or a sleek look in which I wear the most. My facial regimen is always the same. I have my eye makeup remover, towelettes, cleanser, astringent, moisturizer, and night creme. My daily makeup routine is brown on the lids, mascara, and Nivea chapstick. I recently purchased a Smashbox pallet. I adore it. The colors are beautiful. The top three shades are to create your day look and the bottom three is for a night look. I recommend trying it out. You can only purchase it at Sephora. The pallet is around forty five bucks.They have a pallet for all eye colors. I don't have Blue eyes but I chose the Blue eye pallet. The colors worked better for me but I do intend to go back and get the brown eye pallet. I love Smashbox. I use their products a lot and they really are great. I use m.a.c blush and primer. Also I have this m.a.c lip pencil that I adore the color and wear the pencil as eyeliner. I use Anastasia eyebrow pen as well as Smashbox mascara, and Fit me concealer .I'd love some suggestions on new things to try. What are some of your guys favorite products?

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