Friday, April 6, 2012

Hot pink Fiasco

So today I was out of a photographer. The pictures below is the result of my grandmother taking my photos lol My funniest photoshoot ever. I did not have to many photos to chose from because she cut off my feet in most of them. But the three pictures below are my favorite.


pucefanatic said...
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pucefanatic said...

I've discovered your blog via Chictopia and I totally love your style. I follow you now on bloglovin. Feel free to visit my blog and to follow me back.
xoxo from Paris

Clara Turbay said...

great example of style.

J n Nty said...

Cute outfit you look fab

Jade Monique said...

you are actually so beautiful! i lvoe your blog, and i think i could really get some good fashion tips and tricks from here. following you!
please follow me too,

nikolia said...

Shoes are very nice ...I like this combination of jeans and a jacket ...)

Amber Sweet said...


You have some very nice pieces in these photographs and you styling is on target.

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet