Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summa lovin

Hey lovelies. I am back and better than ever. My camera broke about a month and a half ago which makes it impossible to do fashion posts. Since a am a full time student, I have to save up for another fancy camera. Luckily, I forgot just how awesome the IPhone is at taking photos. So, for a while, I will be posting to my blog VIA phone. Today is a bit breezy. Inspite of summer approaching, we have had a slew of rain storms in Maryland. Today was a comfy day. I work a mesh high low cheetah print top with vintage High waist Levi's shorts. I was also excited to wear my cute high top wedges that I got from Sears a few months ago. 
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

IMATS New York 2013

Hey guys! So, Today I attended IMATS in New York City. Incase you have no clue what IMATS is, its the international make up artistry trunk show. I must say, it was such a joy to go. This was my first year at IMATS. They had such great deals on cosmetics. However, there was a lot of things that I was not able to get because certain lines were insane. I will be posting a video haul of the items that I got. If you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel check it out by searching Dawnweststreetglamor. Also, I have instagram. Follow me @dollydonni. Enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've seen better days.

Hey guys! So, the weather was pretty bad today. These are anything but great. I posted them anyway because I want to gain a steady blogging habit for every other day. Sorry about the quality. I am wearing pocketless patterned pants from H&M. Also, an over sized H&M sweater. My booties is from Forever21. The clutch is from NastyGal. Hope you all are well. Follow me on Twitter @Donniluvsu

Monday, February 25, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

Shoes: Nastygal.com/ Top: Love Culture/ Leggings: Love Culture/ Bag: Nastygal.com / Scarf: Gifted Hey Guys! Did ya miss me? Well, I missed you. Today, I just decided to revamp an outfit that I wore last week because I did not get to photograph it. I wore this outfit to a party Friday night. However, I wore my hair down and more daring accessories. This is more of a casual daytime version on it. Incase your wondering what is on my lips, I'm wearing M.A.C's Rebel. So, what do you think because I am loving leggings with patterns and fancy details?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello Blogger, I am back!

Hi Guys! I know, its been forever. If I am lucky enough to have at least one person still willing to read my posts, I would like to say that I greatly apologize. I've been a very inconsistent blogger. But as you know, there is a little thing called life and it has taken a hold of me. Some days I can not find the time or motivation to post. My Muse, as I like to say, is one tough cookie. She likes to pack up her things and leave me to suffer sometimes. Well, I love you guys and I am quickly diving back into this thing called blogging. I greatly appreciate all of the love and support that you all show me. God, there is so much to say. First, Happy New Year. I'm extremely late but you still deserve to hear it. So from me to you, there you go. I don't have a fashion post for you today but I do have a beautiful shot of myself and share a new obsession to share. Its M.A.C's Candy Yum Yum lipstick. I adore this lippy. It has a matte finish, which is my fav. It also works well with many lip pencils and other shades of lipstick. This is a very intense shade so beware. I love to pair it with NYX lip pencil in Wine just to dull it down some. Either way, I love this lippy. Just incase you can't see the color pigmentation, I have another photo below of just the lipstick itself. Tell me what you guys think about it. Also, I have tons of ideas and some revamping for my blog so please bare with me. ANNOUNCEMENT! I will be attending NYC IMATS in April. Will I see any of you there? Hope so. Leave me a comment letting me know. Also follow me on Twitter @donniluvsu.  One thing that I have not been doing with me followers is communicating and being consistent. That is all about to change people. I will try to update a frequently as possible but expect a post every other day. My life can be a little crazy. I'll talk to you all soon.